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Welcome to CAMP SWEAT

CAMP SWEAT's trainings are designed to be specific to each and every person's needs and physical level.  The trainings are created to either get you in shape or get you in even better shape.  Trainings incorporate all the components of fitness: strength, cardiovascular and flexibility.

About Us

CAMP SWEAT'S goal is to provide a successful exercise program that will teach you a valuable strength and conditioning regiment. We will implement a fitness program that reflects your unique goals, fitness level and experience and guide you to attain a state of overall health and well-being. Having this commitment will allow you to see real results in the shortest amount of time possible. We believe that working through physical challenges strengthens not only your muscles, but also your resolve to conquer everyday stresses, which leads to an elevated quality of life. 

Owner/ Certified Personal Trainer/ Bootcamp Instructor: Jessica Windham


I was born and raised in Louisiana, one of the highest-ranking states for obesity. Inspired to combat this, I selected a profession through which I can coach others in  physical fitness and health. 

Growing up I prioritized fitness, taking dance and gymnastic lessons, and playing various sports. When I entered college I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University, marrying my passion for fitness with career choice.  Throughout my studies I worked with people of all ages, encouraging them to understand the importance of health, nutrition, and exercise (via the Kids Fit Program and a 180-hour gym internship).

Upon graduation I became a certified ASFA personal trainer, and certified in CPR and first Aid. I have served as a certified personal trainer for over 11 years in New Orleans.  A fan of  the trendy "boot camp" style training, I decided to start CAMP SWEAT, L.L.C.


After having two kids, I had to make a tough decision and end bootcamp classes.  CAMP SWEAT is now strictly offering personal training, small group training, partner training and mommy and me training.  CAMP SWEAT’s trainings are designed to push you to higher levels than you would do on your own, as well as hold you accountable for your workouts.   Exercise form and technique , breathing, and safety using equipment are constantly observed and corrected  while in trainings.  Results is what I strive to give you! If you are serious about training, then I promise I will have you addicted and seeing results , feeling great and leaving with your head held high. 

Following the birth of my 3rd child,life got even more hectic as a working mom and husband with a crazy work schedule.  Now that the baby is starting school, I have decided to take back on a venture that I dabbled in a few years ago and tossed to the side-blogging.  I have always had  a passion for taking pictures as well as inspiring and motivating others!  I also love fashion and shopping.  As a result of the above mentioned, CAMP SWEAT Lifestyle Blog was born.  My goal is to target everyone interested in a healthy, happy lifesyle with tips on a wide variety of life topics.  My intention is to present topics to grasp the attention of a wide spectrum of readers.  If you can find love in my new venture, than I'm here to put in the work for the long haul for YOU!

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