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I'm One....Happy Bloggerversary To Me

Today makes my 1 year bloggervasary. As I reflect on this past year, I first off have learned that being an influencer/blogger is no joke. It takes a lot of time and work. While it may seem to viewers as fun and glamorous going around taking pics, its not just that. It is fun, don’t get me wrong or else I would not do it. I have learned to step way out of my comfort zone on various occasions, to either ask for things I want or meet with people and get on camera and look like I’m a pro, but in actuality just a little mompreneur with a dream. I have met lots of great, supportive influencers and some that are not quite as nice and helpful. I have wanted to give up many times; and looked at my posts often and wondered, what am I doing wrong? I have laid many nights in bed brainstorming ideas on what will set me apart, what can I give you all that will help you, what is my true brand? I have given up time playing on my phone or computer rather than time cooking or with kids because I was doing “work”. I have run around town trying to make as many events as I can to make connections and network. The posts, whether taking pictures, writing the verbiage, filming stories or simply gathering actual good content for it all takes TIME! I have come a little further than what I set my goals for within a year, but I also keep re-setting new goals to achieve more. The more for me that is and the more for you! I am thankful for all my new relationships I have made this year as a health, fitness and lifestyle influencer! I have realized people I have known for practically my entire life, or even more recent relationships are not always the most supportive of me. I have learned that I need to focus on me and let nothing or no one come in my pathway. This community and influencer title I have added to my career besides my personal trainer role means a lot to me. My plan for this next year is to continue to follow my dream to provide great content that will help individuals as a whole towards a healthier lifestyle.




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