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Do you ever wonder what is behind the pictures that you see people post on social media? Do you ever find yourself looking at those people’s pictures and comparing them to your own life? Do you ever get discouraged seeing absolutely perfect pictures of pure fun times and big smiles? Well, I’m here to just say that without being a psychiatrist, I know there is more behind perfect pictures posted. As an influencer/blogger I’m on social media a LOT! I’m also a personal physical trainer which is like a therapist on daytime lol. People say hairdresser’s are like therapists, and yes that may be true, but I see most of my clients way more often than a person see’s their hairdresser. I hear a LOT! Some is good and some is not so good in people’s lives. Lips sealed! I have also lived 37 years and have experienced life a little. Through the years I have learned that life is not easy. Everyone goes through ups and downs at least at some point in their lives. Families, friendships, and relationships are downright trying sometimes. Without dumping you all with every little thing I’ve heard from others; which I would not do or give you every detail of struggles that I have dealt in life, because who wants to hear that? People have their own problems to deal with. I just feel a need to express that if you are looking at social media, please don’t try to compare yourselves to the perfection more often than not it depicts. Those pics are just one snapshot in time. Perfection is something to strive for, but is not realistic! I love my life, but there are areas and people in it that surely are negative. I am somewhat of an introverted person in many ways. One goal for 2019 is to provide more “real” to my social media posts. I want to help others realize that they are not alone in whatever struggles they are having. My mission is to leave this earth and have made a difference in as many people’s lives as I can. I have lived with lots of negative forces close to me ……I’m refusing negativity and choosing positivity. BRING IT 2019!!!! Happy New Year’s!

This blog reflects my own opinions and reviews. J.W.


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