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My "Typical" Daily Intake

I took a poll on Instagram recently and majority of the voters voted to see what a I eat daily. I am NOT a nutritionist and I also don’t claim to have a “perfect” diet. What I can tell you is that I don’t diet. I never have been one to jump into “diets”. Does my weight fluctuate? YES! Currently I am 7lbs more than I was at this same time last year. I can’t say I have tried every diet out there because I would be lying to you. I have only tried one “diet” in my life and that was my own version of Weight Watchers right after college which was about 15 years ago. My sister has done Weight Watchers amongst every fad diet there is out there and battles her weight. She has had a lot of success with Weight Watchers and at the time I tried it they had books where you looked up everything and counted WW points. I made my own journal and would just use her book to obtain the points. This was before the days of apps that you can use to easily track food intake. I must admit it was very interesting to see how much or how little calories I was taking in. Sometimes when I thought I was consuming a lot and was never hungry, I would tally up and realize I was way under my recommended intake because all the foods I was eating were low calorie, for example a huge eggwhite omelot with a side of squash and zuchinni was filling me up, but not loaded with calories. I have also just gone crazy worrying entirely too much on being SUPER strict on what I ate that it was unhealthy to a relationship I was in during my past as well as mentally stressing me out. I am always struggling with wanting to be a certain weight or look a certain way at another point in my life, but I can say I have found in more recent years what works for me! What is it, your asking right? For me it is 90% of the time eating relatively healthy and eating obviously things I choose myself and typically cooking or preparing for myself and watching portions. I don’t RESTRICT myself from anything totally. In the past when I went super strict on my eating, I would #1 be very moody and #2 I would eventually binge eat and I mean BINGE! I have found success I’d say in the past 6-7 years even through 3 pregnancies and post babies with 80-90% eating pretty healthy on my daily and weekly intake and of course exercising almost daily for 30-60mins. To go out to dinner with friends or family or go to holiday parties and even remotely think I will sit there and not touch the food or drinks there that are not on my “diet” to me is just unrealistic. SO if you see me at your next gathering don’t be alarmed, I may be eating something you don’t think a typical “personal trainer” should eat. I pick and choose where and when I want to splurge/treat myself and I use MODERATION!!!!!!!! Oh and I do not eat meat or seafood and have not since I was probably 10 when my parents stopped trying to make me eat something I did not like. I do not eat those because I don’t like the texture at all of meat and do not like anything about seafood. So enough with all that blah blah blah…..below is my typical daily food consumption for REAL! As I tell people, I do go on kicks, but overall it goes something like this with a little variation from time to time.

Early A.M.

Iced Latte with Almond Milk (PJ’s Coffee House)

Oreo Cakeball. Yep its own of my guilty pleasures. I make with 1/3 less fat Philly cream cheese, crushed oreos and almond bark)


Triple Zero Oikos Yogurt and 1 cup bran flakes


Quest Protein Cookie


Crepini Eggwhite Thin with a tbsp spoon natural peanut butter or almond butter


Handful unsalted nuts and a triple zero Oikos yogurt


Avacado Toast-45cal per slice x2 light Sarah Lee wheat bread with 2tbsp fresh avocado and sprinkled with Everything But The Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s


45 calorie carb balance wheat wrap with 2tbsp Medeterranean hummus with few fresh zoodles on it or lil corn or shredded carrots more or less to add a little crunch to it


1 Fiberful Granola Bar from Trader Joe’s

Afternoon Snack

4d energy drink

Fig Bar


2tbsp Natural Peanut Butter

OR a protein Bar if I did not eat it for breakfast that day. (Quest Cookie, One Bar are my favorites)


Some sort of veggie pattie (no Bun) with a definitely eat a bunch of different ones to change it up and not get too bored lol

AND one of the below

Some type of vegetable side of choice depending what I have made or I use a Steamable style bag if I have none fresh.

Examples- fresh zoodles, cooked zuchinni, squash, mushrooms, spaghetti squash, steamed broccoli, ½ of sweet potatoe.


Small portion- brown rice, wheat pasta, edamame pasta

Evening Snack- Yes I NEED it. LOL It is something that works for me and keeps it livable.

2 almond butter cups from Trader Joe’s


1 triple zero chocolate yogurt


Frozen Mashed Banana with little unsweetened cocoa powder


I freeze ½ cup lowfat milk at night and so it very icy and drink that😊

Do we go out to eat sometimes YES! Do We pickup dinner sometimes YES!

I try and make the healthiest choice I can by going online and looking for nutritional facts on items to help me make the best choice. OR I “cheat” as people say and get what the heck I really want regardless if it is loaded with fat and calories and just use as my “cheat” meal or try to not over indulge in the portion. And on another side note- I am not a big alcohol drinker. Now back in my single college days, YES haha, but I honestly don’t love to drink. And when I go out on occasion I try and just stick to a flavored vodka and water. I average 1500-1800 calories daily.


This is my own personal thoughts and by no means is recommended for everyone.

If you are looking for professional nutritional guidance, I have a great nutritionist I recommend that can be seen on my IGTV or other social media in my “Nutrition Talk” Tuesday segments who works at Ochsner Main Campus in New Orleans. Danielle Fournet can be contacted by email at



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