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Presents with a Purpose

Are you a mom, grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend of a young child? My house is filled with toys on top toys! While my kids do have noneducational toys also, I have always looked for toys and activities for them to do or watch that is learning based. With Christmas and Hanukkah around the corner, I thought some could enjoy some suggestions for present ideas.

-Preschool Prep DVD’s were recommended to us years ago by a friend. They come in Spanish and English. We started playing them when my oldest was about 9 months old. These DVD’s were always a hit even as they got to be toddlers and they would beg to watch them. While most don’t like kids watching too much TV, these did help not only entertain them , but help them learn. They knew colors, shapes, letters, etc before they entered PK2 by simply watching these DVD’s. As they got older we got the older version set which has Math facts, addition and subtraction, etc and they love those as well. No clue if I totally can contribute to these, but for age 4 and 6 they are amazing at Math! I on the other hand am still counting on my fingers lol All these are sold separately also and can be found on several other sites as well online.

-Flashcards These can be found in most educational school supply stores in your area or also online. The ones we found to be the best quality and the kids loved, we found at Sam’s Wharehouse by the book section. They usually have them in letters, colors, numbers, etc

-Puzzles learning puzzles are great for learning, as well as fine motor skill development. Most stores or online carry these. My favorites are Melissa and Doug.

-Workbooks these can be purchased in plenty different subjects and age appropriateness. We have also found some great ones at Sam’s Wharehouse, Amazon and even the Dollar Tree.

Below is link to buy cases, but can give you an idea of what to look for in their store individually at Dollar Tree Stores.

- Rock N Learn DVD’s while my first two boys loved Preschool Prep DVD’s listed, my 3rd boy was different. He is still only 2 ½, but things just don’t hold his interest like the other two. The Preschool Prep DVD’s are slower in style, and I guess he is just my shaker haha. So I looked deeper into researching a more upbeat, fun style because he loves music. This is when I came upon this brand Rock N Learn. These also come in shapes, colors, letters, match, Spanish, etc. They have more music to keep his attention. You know your little one best, so this can hopefully help in your decision on which brand is best for them.

-Stem Learning Kits Did you know that Amazon, has subscriptions to stem kits? These kits are filled with lots of fun activities/experiments and delivered right to your door. You can select age range so that the activities are age appropriate. There is also subscription options of how often you want the kits delivered. My boys absolutely love science and my husband actually found these and they look forward to getting them!



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