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Wooden Watches for the WIN

I am a girl who LOVES earrings and necklaces!!!!! I absolutely love the look of watches for sure and definitely take notice to them on others. My husband on the other hand is totally a watch guy. He has tons! I just honestly don’t have an unlimited budget to buy everything I want so I have to pick and choose. I was asked to work with JORD watches and as always I researched their product and company and immediately was hooked. Hooked…. Yes! I loved the style of these uniquely designed watches made of wood. These watches are the premier designer of wooden watches. So as I continued to look for the perfect watch for me, I came upon this neutral beauty shown in my pictures. It was honestly a tough decision because I liked so many. I felt like with the Spring and summer in front of us, this would go with a lot of looks. I must say I do like really different and loud accessories, but for a watch and a limited budget, I can only have a couple so I wanted to make sure I chose one that I would get the most use out of. This watch is not only affordable, but a great quality from the packaging, the design and the fit. Now let’s talk about the fit. Most watches you get if they do have adjustments for size, you may have a lot overlapping for instance if you have a small wrist or it may draw attention if you have an extra large wrist and its bulging as it just makes it to the last size notch. This company and designer really did things right. When purchasing, it asks for your wrist measurement. I had no clue so busted out my tape measure and measured it and entered into their site. I was nervous still that maybe I measured it wrong and it would come in and not fit. Well, to my surprise it came in after me constantly checking the tracking on it because I was just that anxious and excited for its arrival and fit perfect!!!!! You also have the option to have it engraved on the back side of the watch face. The other thing when looking at these watches that I was concerned about with wood as it’s main material, was the weight of it and will it be scratchy or irritate my wrist. It is the lightest weight watch I have ever owned and so smooth in texture. I have owned some leather band watches in my life-time and they get hot and metals tend to be heavy in my opinion. I find these watches to be as they say in the 3 little pigs story….”just right”. I simply could not wait to wear my watch out. I wore it several times in just the short time since I have had it. I wore with casual apparel and as well as when I was dressed up and I simply can’t get enough of it. When I love something, I want to make sure to share my reviews with others. So whether you’re a watch lover or not this is one you will want to add to your collection….. it may even turn you into one. There are men’s and women’s watches and a great selection depending on your style at

To enter a chance to win a $100 credit to a JORD watch click link below. Contest ends April 21, 2019 at 11:59pm.



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