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"Healthier" On The Go

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

I have 3 little boys age 5 ½, 4 and 2. Are there others not just moms out there that are always on the go? Or don’t cook often and pickup food? We live in a world where convenience is key, right? Laziness is increasing and health is decreasing. I find myself choosing places with a drive thru more and more only because getting all 3 kids out to simply pickup coffee or a meal is just challenging! My 2 year old does not get in and out of the car-seat without a meltdown or some huge episode. So I am here to offer some healthier suggestions to those who are “on the go”.

Jimmy John’s- if they have one in your area that offers the “unwhich”… It is like a sandwich, but

without the bread. The bread and calories from it can be eliminated with any sandwich by ordering it “unwhich” style. Like anything else, some choices have more calories than others. Their sandwich menu is listed online, including nutritional information at My personal favorite is The Veggie Un-which.

Zoe’s Kitchen is another favorite of mine. In my area they have a location where you can call in your order and pick it up at the drive-thru. They have healthy salads, kabobs, and sandwiches to choose from. They also have some delicious protein bowls and cauliflower rice bowls under 500 calories. The shrimp kabobs (170cals) and chicken kabobs (290cals) are a few of the lower calorie options on their menu. They also have a few amazing low calorie sides: roasted veggies (110cals) or chicken and orzo soup (70cals). Their menu is online at My personal favorite here is the ever so delicious and refreshing Quinoa Salad (320cals).

McDonald’s offers an Egg White Delight McMuffin with only 280 calories that is served during breakfast hours. You can eat it all or just toss the English muffin part if you are watching your carbs or wanting to lower calories. You can order the side of apple slices as a snack or add it to your Egg White Delight McMuffin for a more filling meal. If you are looking for a lunch or dinner option, the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich is your better option on their menu with (380cals). If you want a healthier option to replace fries, then you will choose their side salad with a light vinaigrette dressing.

Star Buck’s obviously has coffee and at any coffee place you want to stay away from the pre-made frozen drinks. They are oh so yummy no doubt! BUT, they are loaded with calories and sugar. Try to order your coffee in the "skinny” version or say no whip cream, etc. Staying on the subject of food, they have a Sous Vide Egg Whites starting at (210cals). They have several other healthy sandwiches with all the nutritional facts online at

Taco Bell is there if you are craving Mexican food and need your quick fix, but try to stick to a healthier option on the menu. They offer some different combinations of power bowls now. The nutrition guide can be found online. The power bowls start at 500cals; but you can customize it and see online the exact number of calories as you order; if you choose to know for instance the rice or sour cream or any other ingredient you select.

Arby’s has a chopped Farmhouse Turkey Salad which is probably one of your better options here with their light Italian dressing. They also have a side salad if you are just looking for a healthy low calorie snack.

Chick fil A has several healthier options to choose from. For breakfast they offer an egg white grilled sandwich (300cals). They also have a sunflower multigrain bagel for (290cals). Some other refreshing options are the fruit cup (50cals) or the Greek yogurt parfait (230cals). For your healthier lunch or dinner options, try their delicious Market Salad with Light Balsamic Vinaigrette, being your lowest calorie option at (330cals). If you prefer a sandwich try their grilled chicken sandwich (310cals) or a refreshing grilled chicken wrap (350cals). The grilled chicken nuggets are another popular item (140cals). If you want a snack while you are “on the go” or to add a side, try their Superfood side salad (150cals). Their menu and nutrition can be found online at

Wendy’s has a few healthier options for you. You can choose the grilled chicken sandwich(370cals). If you would like a refreshing salad, choose their new Berry Burst salad starting at (290 cals) for the Half Size. The Apple Pecan Chicken salad is another option with the Half Size starting at (340cals). Their seasonal fruit side is your best option for a side item (20cals). The garden side salad is another good choice for a side or a snack while your “on the go”, but be sure to always opt for a vinagrette or light dressing. You can find their full munu and nutrition at

Burger King is another big chain with a drive –thru you may find in most areas. They offer a grilled chicken sandwich starting at (370cals). My personal favorite here (because I don’t like meat), is their BK Veggie Burger(390 cals). You can always toss the bread of any sandwich to reduce calories and carbs. Choose the Garden Chicken Salad or Garden Side Salad for your best option of salads. Always steer clear of thicker, creamy dressings and toss the croutons. Their full menu with nutrition can be found at

Here are just a few options while you are traveling in an unfamiliar territory and need to eat, but don’t feel comfortable going inside a place for various reasons, or “on the go” mom trying to get food and maybe your child is sleeping or you just don’t want to unleash the energetic toddler, LOL. I tried to stick to chain places only to help readers from all over. I find that eating healthy is very challenging for so many reasons. I’m hoping that this post will help someone out there who may be trying to eat and find healthier options through a drive-thru. NUTRITION IS A CHOICE.


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