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Sports Bras


Has not one, but two favorites to share with you.

Her first on can be purcahsed on Amazon and is one of her favorites because it is a good workout bra, but also a good everyday bra. Her favorite features are the criss-cross back and how comfortable it is. She finds it to have great support, but does not squeeze her back too tight. She wears this for crossfit style workouts.

Another favorite Heather wanted to share with you was a Fabletics sports bra. She loves how high it comes upto the neck and low on the waist. She loves the back detail of it and it also gives her great support. She wears this typically for crossfit style workouts.


This is personal all around favorite that I get the most use out of for typical workout use as well as under everyday casual shirts and tanks. My favorite feature is the crisscross back which gives it a little style as well as the removable padding. I get cold easily so once I sweat and return to a.c. you can guess what happens lol and I don't like that look personally. I like that it gives me a little extra lift for some cleavage if I am wearing a low tank and want that look. I find it to be supportive, but I'm not squished. I typically wear it for circuit style training with medium to high impact style exercises. It comes in 6 colors to choose from.


Another favorite I just can't not share with you all is a Champion brand I first found on the clearance racks at Academy many years ago and still wear weekly and are in great shape. I loved them so much and wanted to add to my collection so searched for it online and found on Amazon. My favorite feature on this sports bra is the small amount of built in padding and the firm support. It also has adjustable straps which helps for different length torso's on people. I wear this for all type workouts of various impacts and wore it through all 3 of my pregnancies and it is still in great shape. It is available in 26 colors.


Hey y’all! I’m Ashley from Tennis Shoes and Tiaras, a fitness, motherhood and lifestyle blog, and I’m so excited to be sharing my favorite sports bra with you today! It is the Lululemon Energy Bra and I truly have been rocking this bra, and only this bra (with the exception of a short period post baby when I was nursing frequently) solely for the past seven, count em, SEVEN years! A lot of people have a particular workout they love but if you get to know, you’ll quickly realize I’ve never met a sweat I didn’t like! These days I spend most of my time at Hourblast or Orangetheory Fitness, but I’ve become a “pro” at CrossFit, barre (pure and 3), yoga, half marathons, spin, and a slew of other stuff and I literally wear this bra for ALL of it! I consider myself a B and a half, yes half ha!, and I’m fully supported by it in everything. I love that it is supportive but I don’t feel constricted or suffocated. It’s also fairly easy to put on and off unlike other sports bras I’ve tried. And, I wore it through the entirety of my pregnancy, which I worked out 36 of 38 weeks so I know it can handle anything!


Wearing a size 30C in bras, I find that low impact sports bra work really well for me. I love simple, comfortable bras for working out. I've tried the cute, fancy ones, but I always go back to basics. I use these bras for all training from cycling to HIIT to yoga. I always get my sports bras from Forever 21 because they're super affordable and long-lasting. At these prices, you can splurge on 3-5 new sports bras! Shop low impact sports bras from Forever 21 here:


Favorite Sports Bra - Senita Athletics Sarah Sports Bra

Favorite features about it:

PHONE POCKET!! I love this bra for so many reasons, but one of the biggest things I love about it is the great phone pocket sewn into the back of the bra. It’s large enough to hold my iPhone XS with an Otterbox case securely. The phone doesn’t bounce or jiggle and I can slip it in and out easily without struggle, even when the bra gets sweat soaked. Being able to have my phone, comfortably with me whenever I run is a big safety feature. This bra offers a good amount of support (I’m a C cup) while running and I have yet to chafe in it, even on my long, sweaty summer runs. The Sarah Sports bra also comes with added padding that I initially thought I wouldn’t like, but I actually do. The pads come out easily for washing or you can be lazy like me and just throw the whole darn thing in the wash without messing with the pads. I think they give you a nice little “boost” while shielding the world from my headlights when I get cold.

What type of activities I use it for:

I wear the Sarah Sports Bra while I run. I use it for all of my running workouts: speed, tempo, long slow distance, etc. I also wear it for puppy walks and nature hikes with my kids. The phone pocket is so convenient for stashing snacks! It’s so comfortable that I wear it around town for errands a lot too. It’s just a really good, all around supportive, comfortable, and functional bra.

Where to purchase/link:


This seamless PUMA sports bra is hands down one of my favorites! It is built for comfort and flexibility and that’s exactly how it feels! The comfort while doing my workouts is what puts this sports bra on the top of my list! It is best performed doing low impact activities such as yoga, walking, jogging, lifting weights, & cycling, BUT is not limited! I use this for running as well. I will note though, I do not have the biggest bust. It comes with padding for shaping and support - they can be removed. It is a racerback fit for full motion as well. They no longer sell them at PUMA but found them on Sierra! I have linked this exact sports bra along with 2 other colors and my leggings. happy shopping and I hope you love this sports bra as much

as I do.



I usually shop for my fitness apparel at TJMaxx. This Ryka sports bra was a great find at TJMaxx! It’s soft and padded. They are available in a wide range of colors and the straps are adjustable. I usually walk/jog and take barre classes so this is the perfect sports bra.


I love the hook and eye on the back of this sports bra for the extra support. It also breathes and since it's summer its nice to not have a hot sports bra on. I wear for lifting weights, barre classes or spinning. Check out this item at Target


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