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Workout At Work

We live in a super busy world where the majority of people work. Some who have children, including their own activities, surely take up a lot of time with parenting before and after school. Homework activity has increased for children growing up in recent years; and everything from sports to school and life in general seem to have raised the bars. Therefore, responsibilities have increased. Here are 10 great easy ways to follow exercises with no expensive equipment needed you can do at your desk or workplace during a lunch break or any other free short time you have if the boss of course allows. Smoke breaks are allowed these days for most so why not for a health related break?

1)Desk or Wall Pushup- Place hands approximately shoulder width apart. While keeping your core tight and butt down lower yourself down as far as you can without touching the desk or wall and push back up. Exhale as you push up. These should be done in a slow to moderate speed so you are not using momentum for the actual pushup. Set a goal based on your fitness level.

Incline Push-up

2) Wall Sit- Find a stable wall or file cabinet that is stable enough to withstand your force. Spread your feet out slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Your feet should be far enough in front of you so that when you lower yourself your knees do not hyperextend past the toes. (I like the knees in position right over the heels). Try and lower yourself to where the top thigh or quadricep is parallel to the floor. Your pressure should be in your heels. Set a goal based on your fitness level. A good start may be 30-60secs in proper form.

Wall Sit

3) Tricep Dips- Find a stationary chair or table that weighs enough that it won’t flip over with your weight. Place your hands fingertips facing forward on the chair/table. Walk yourself outward off the chair/table, but not too far because you will then hyperextend your shoulders. Lower yourself into a nice deep “dip” with elbows not flaring outward much and then with elbows still not flaring out push your body weight up without locking your elbows on the top of the range. Again, slow motion and control are best; and remember to exhale on the push up from the lowered position. These can be done several ways depending on your fitness level. Choose your level and reps based on your fitness level

Tricep Dips

4) Glute lifts- If you are a person with great balance you can stand and do without holding on. If you need extra support find a wall or desk and slightly place fingertips on it, lean slightly forward to take the pressure out of the lower back. Then with a straight single leg lift the heel upward towards the ceiling and squeeze the glutes before releasing downward and repeat the entire set. Choose the reps based on your fitness level.

Glute Lift

5) Shoulder Rotations- You can do these with just your arms or if you have two objects or water bottles with equal weight you can add those in. Stand or sit and extend arms out to the side at shoulder height and rotate in a circular motion forward and then repeat backwards. You can do based on time or reps. A good start may be 30secs forward then straight into 30secs backward or 15-20reps each direction.

Shoulder Rotations

6) Punches- Bend your knees and spread your feet apart. Make a fist and twist at the waist with your feet planted into the ground. Punch in the air alternating right and left. Do this as a simple easy way to raise your heart rate for either reps or time. A good start may be 30-60secs.


7) Plank-You can do on the ground or leaning onto a stable table or desk. If you are exercising on the floor make sure to keep your elbows and shoulders in line and core engaged. If you do an desk or table option make sure that your hands and shoulders are aligned. Stomach and glutes nice and tight. Alternate one leg at a time lifting upward toward the ceiling. Try to keep centered as much as possible thus resulting in more “core” engagement. Choose a goal time based on your fitness level. A good start is 30-60secs.


8) Standing Side Crunch- In an upright standing position, bring your elbow down while lifting your knee and leg upward to the side. This creates a side crunch type motion which engages those oblique muscles (AKA love handles lol). If you are not strong with balance, I would suggest doing this close to something you can hold onto lightly or grab onto if needed. Choose your reps or time based on your fitness level. A good start would be 15-20reps each side.

Side Crunch

9) Chair Pose- Standing place your feet together and stick your butt out, chest slightly bent forward at the waist, back flat and slight bend in upper back lower yourself as low as you can to reach thighs parallel to the ground as your goal. You want your arms up above the head and parallel to the ground. You want to keep the pressure in your heels and hold this position down at as low of a range as you can while still maintaining proper form. If you are at a beginner level you can stand with your feet slightly apart. A good start would be to hold 30-60secs.

Chair Pose

10)Toy Soldier- Standing Upright stiff like a soldier bring your arm up while the opposite leg lifts and keep repeating alternating both sides. This will give your overall body a nice stretch at the same time getting your heart rate up. I would suggest 30-60secs to start. Monitoring heart rate is recommended for any medical conditions needed.

Toy Soldier

Prior to any workout regimen please consult with your Dr. especially if you have any medical concerns.


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